A few weeks back, while other PLU students were taking midterms and stressing about homework, I was galavanting across the hectic city of New York. I don’t mean to brag, I really don’t. But I can’t lie and say I was sad to skip a week full of tests. Why did I get to leave behind Parkland and spend six days in the Big Apple, you ask? Well, I was lucky enough to attend the College Music Journal (CMJ) Music Marathon. It was a great week that centered around music, community and, of course, radio. DUH. College radio personnel from around the US and Canada flocked to the annual event, which was held at New York University. During the days, I pumped myself with caffeine and attended panel presentations about the music industry, went to mixers where I met some new college radio pals (shouts out!), and learned how to craft the perfect resume for a profession in radio. Then at nights, I would burn off all of my caffeine energy by running around Manhattan and Brooklyn, waving my CMJ badge and getting into show after show after show. Truly a music nerd’s dream come true. Favorite shows of the week include: Doprah (such a good name, and I right?), Twin Peaks, First Aid Kit (who I’ve already seen like 10,000+ times, whoops), Elle King, Diiv, Courtney Barnett, and Popstrangers. I didn’t spend time putting in all those links for nothing… CHECK THEM OUT!

For real, it was one of the best weeks. Adventuring around New York was lovely, but I’m happy to be back now. I’m ready to take what I learned from the CMJ Music Marathon & help make LASR the BEST STATION EVER. LASRlove, Olivia

LASR news update

DJs and listeners alike, we have all had a wonderful year. LASR has brought a ton of new music and events to the table and we look forward to doing so next year. Alas, this year must come to a close sometime. This has been our final week of broadcast for the academic year, so make sure to get your listening in! We are also about to host our last Open Mic of the year — the MBR amphitheater at 9 p.m. — so please come to listen to wonderful PLU talent or even present your own.

As of now, the 24/7 broadcast is running. THIS WILL BE STOPPING after this year and WILL NOT BE running over the summer. Do not fret faithful listeners, your favorite online student radio station will be back as soon as the next academic year begins. ALSO, live shows will END after the final show, this Sunday evening. Get your listening in by then, and try not to die of anticipation for next year’s shows (it’s frightful for the ratings).

Thank you all for being involved this year! We loved seeing all your beautiful faces at LollaPLUza, and we hope you grabbed your 2014 Student CD with some rad stickers (they’re FREE). If you want some student music to tide you over this summer vacation, stop by the studio and grab it!

DJs, remember to apply next year, ASAP, in order to get your sweet, sweet radio voice to your eager audiences.

Have a wonderful summer all! MCFleury out.

The cave was alive with bats and bears Tuesday night. Of course you were one of them, right? If not, then be über jealous, because you missed out on a great party with food, bubbles, weird hats and music. Specifically, live music performed by students showcased on LASR’s annual Student CD.

A mass of students sent in their talent to us at LASR, with 18 making the final cut. The album teems with variety, bound to have a song fit for any listener. The CD is free, so stop by LASR studio in the UC media hall and grab a copy during our office hours! (Ask nicely and you might get a rad sticker too).

Along with the CD, other PLU media was released at this party. Saxifrage, the student arts and literary magazine released its 40th edition! That’s amazing! It boasts photography, poetry, short stories, and other student art.

Also released was the spring edition of PLU’s social justice magazine, The Matrix.

Support student talent and voice by picking up one of these excellent publications. Get inspired by art and stories, and rock out to some good tunes.

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Turn Blue, catch the Fever

The prolific Black Keys are finished with their newest album “Turn Blue.” The only words we have for it now are … groovy. That snap-psychedelic judgement is based on their released single “Fever.” Right away you are entranced by a solid bass groove, as a synthesizer (an art form returning to the rock scene) crashes in to throw a welcomed curve-ball. Everything about this song seems to be some kind of groove rock nostalgia with hints of modern rock elements, basically the opposite of what most rock artists are attempting. “Turn Blue” is set to mesmerize the masses on May 13th, though the CD is ready for pre-order along with a vinyl option. From their album trailer on YouTube, we see a blue and magenta swirling record spinning off into infinity. That is all I will say about this confusing trailer, see for yourself at their website.

We are just getting a taste of what the Black Keys have in store. This single is alarmingly different than their normal gritty/bluesy noise. However, the duet is no stranger to musical experimentation, and we have yet to see them totally flop. The album is packed with 11 songs: “Fever,” “Turn Blue,” “Weight of Love,” “In Time,” “Year in Review,” “Bullet In the Brain,” “It’s Up to You Now,” “Waiting on Words,” “10 Lovers,” “In Our Prime,” and “Gotta Get Away.”

Foster the People, Supermodel

After the explosion that was “Pumped Up Kicks,” some Foster the People PTSD may have been caused. A recommended therapy method was to listen to the rest of their albums (especially all of “Torches”). Their newest album “Supermodel,” is a mesh of new and old, a recommended breath of fresh air while still holding to their established sound.

Many songs on this album reflect the same feelings of whimsical chords and looped beats. A cool piece, “Nevermind,” has a large acoustic guitar emphasis, a rarity with the group. We also see a lot of quirky, yet enticing falsettos in almost all of their songs.

In the broad view, “Supermodel” is a brand new look at the band. We are seeing a happier set of songs with what seem to be more of just an attempt at thought provoking lyrics. Will many or any of these songs get big air-time? They set the bar at an impressive height two years ago, one that could be their one-time phenomena. 

CD sloth

Student CD

There is a giant emphasis on campus for music of all kinds. We have clubs and classes for almost every discipline in the field of music and we are willing to jump to the conclusion that there is a fair amount of talented Lutes.

If you sing, play an instrument, compose, or make any music of any kind submit your music to the LASR Student CD! The staff listens to each submissions and will choose some  of the greatest pieces to showcase on this compact disc of awesome. The due date is 5:00 pm, April 18th (Friday) so make sure to contact us with your kickin’ tunes as soon as possible! Just go to our site ( and hit the banner photo. We are hungry for your talent so feed us! Music may also be played on the internet waves.

CD sloth

Tunes for Saint Patty’s Day

Eh lads and ladies, the greatest holiday needs the greatest music. So here is our top list of Irish groups bound to kick off your Saint Patty’s Day celebration (other than your trusty bottle o’ Jameson Whiskey).

First off we have our kick-ass Irish Punk Rockers:

The Dropkick Murphys are an absolute must have band in any celebration.  This band’s graveled yelling and drunken debauchery is the perfect party music at any occasion. They released their Christmas special a couple years ago titled “The Season’s Upon Us,” a masterful representation of a dysfunctional (or Irish) family get-together. Classic hits by the Dropkicks’s include: “I’m Shipping up to Boston,” “The State of Massachusetts,” and “Johnny, I hardly Knew Ya.” As soon as those Bagpipes wail, the party is sure to get started.

Next we have a classic and a master band, Flogging Molly. Led by the talented David King, this band’s strong ballads and loud attitude has Irish rock written all over it. Their most famous song titled album called “Drunken Lullabies” is the most apt song for your March frivolities. Now, this band has its slower moments, which can be well placed in a party play list. Do be careful though, add Flogging Molly with care, there really can be too much of a good thing.

By this time, if your party is going according to plan, the next bands shouldn’t even matter. However, the Irish doesn’t stop there, we haven’t even mentioned The Dubliners , The Pogues, The Real Mackenzies, or the Tossers. We’ve all got a wee bit o’ Irish in us, so forget Monday, It’s Saint Patrick’s Day.


The forgotten tracks of Walk the Moon

This Cincinnati band became wickedly popular in the last two years. Their most recent accomplishment, touring with the newly reviving band Panic! At the Disco on their “This is Gospel” tour. But before Walk the Moon became on of the countries indie-rock artists, they had an album called “I Want! I Want!”.

This self-released 2010 album is comprised of their biggest hits in their original form. While listening to this album, you realize the influence that a big recording studio has in every beat of a song. Along with big radio hits (Jenny, Anna sun, and others), are titles not seen on air, or even played on stage. It’s a bummer these songs didn’t make the cut for their self-titled album, but they are still out there (thanks YouTube). Listen here while they are still available, you won’t regret it (unless you become bummed out as the rest of us).

The cut songs of this archetype album don’t necessarily have the screaming sing-along feel as the others, but their artistic influence is still loud. It is a strange thing to hear a song before outside involvement, the way it was meant to be heard.

More Coldplay for the summer

Our summer road trips may be filled with yet even more Coldplay. Coming out May 19th, “Ghost Stories” will be the newest by the familiar group since 2011’s “Myloto Xyloto.”

There have been two singles from the new album to be released on YouTube (an extremely popular and wise marketing move by artists lately). Both the songs Midnight and Magic hold to the true falsettos of Chris Martin, along with new sounds. Their song Midnight is the more radically different of the two, accompanied by an almost house feeling beat that ultimately makes the song sound like a remix. Not to say that is a bad thing. Coldplay’s music is tried and true, with tiny adjustments throughout its lifetime. Their new experimental sound is sure to raise a few eyebrows, but I am anticipating head-bobbing and foot-tapping as well.

Listen to the new releases here.